Employee v. Employer:  After establishing a successful start-up business serving Central Oregon, our client sold the business to a competitor where he stayed on as an employee of the purchaser. The relationship between our client and his employer/purchaser deteriorated based in large part on disputes arising from both the employee/employer relationship, as well as the terms of the business sale agreement. Prior to filing a lawsuit, I obtained a favorable settlement for our client that secured favorable payment terms for the sale of his business and allowed him a graceful exit from his employment relationship.

Landowner v. State of Oregon:  In order to improve wildlife habitat on and near their property in rural Deschutes County, our clients took advantage of a special program administered by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. In exchange for modest property tax benefits, participation in the program required our clients to manage their property in accordance with strict ODFW requirements. ODFW attempted to unlawfully expel our clients from the program. I successfully defended our clients before the Oregon Tax Court, and today their property supplies valuable habitat to local wildlife.

Homeowner v. Bank:  I have represented dozens of homeowners in Deschutes County Courts who are facing judicial foreclosures. In most cases, our goal is not to save the property, but rather to secure a feasible transition out of the home and insulate clients against deficiency liability on their mortgage debt. Our firm has had great success in helping clients through this difficult time.

Oregon Super Downhill Series:  Cat II, 3d Place Winner


Kyle Schmid

I have been practicing law in Bend, Oregon since graduating from the University of Montana School of Law in 2005. I have a broad civil litigation practice shaped by Central Oregon’s unique and diverse character. I have handled everything from disputes between neighbors over squawking chickens to lawsuits between buyers and sellers of multimillion-dollar ranches, as well as commercial litigation involving contract, employment, and IP disputes.

Being a good lawyer is more than just being a good legal technician. Among other things, it takes good judgment. I’ve had considerable success advocating for my clients in state and federal trial courts, in large part because of judgment calls made early in the case. To me, a lawyer’s judgment is only as good as his or her understanding of a client’s specific needs. That is why I make a serious effort to understand my clients beyond just their legal issue.

Like many of our fellow community members, I moved to Bend because of the quality of life afforded by the Central Oregon region. Depending on the season, I spend as much time as possible going as fast as I can on a mountain bike or snowboard all over area trails. Mostly, though, I just love family time with my wife and two sons.

To contact Kyle:
office: 541.388.1107
direct: 541.382.4352


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