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Probate Lawyers in Central Oregon

At Schmid Malone Buchanan, our probate lawyers understand Oregon probate law and can assist clients in a variety of ways in connection with the probate of an estate. We provide advice on whether probate is recommended, or even required, and whether the estate qualifies for a small estate proceeding. Schmid Malone Buchanan's probate lawyers can also provide assistance in the process of opening the estate, appointing a personal representative or affiant, preparing and filing necessary estate documents, distributing property of the estate, and closing the estate.

Our probate attorneys in Central Oregon can also review and interpret a Last Will, or, if the decedent died without a Will, give advice on how the laws of intestate succession may affect distribution of the estate. Finally, our probate attorneys have experience in attempting to resolve disputes among beneficiaries and in representing individuals in litigation pertaining to the estate.

If you or a family member need legal advice on any of the above mentioned probate issues, please contact our probate lawyers to schedule a consultation.