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Central Oregon Criminal Defense Attorneys

Criminal law involves a number of complex principles found in both state and federal law that are designed to protect an individual’s constitutional rights. Schmid Malone Buchanan's criminal defense attorneys understand these principles and can effectively invoke them in your defense. Our criminal attorneys can analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your case to develop a sound strategy moving forward.

Our criminal defense attorneys in Bend Oregon focus on representing individuals who have been charged with misdemeanors. Generally speaking, a crime is a misdemeanor in Oregon if it is designated as such in the statute defining the crime or if a person convicted of the crime may be sentenced to a maximum term of imprisonment of not more than one year. For example, the crime of driving while under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) is defined as a Class A misdemeanor, unless other factors are present that make it a felony.

Oregon DUII law is one of many complex areas of criminal practice. A variety of State and Federal constitutional issues may be at issue in even a seemingly straightforward misdemeanor DUII case, including search and seizure, Miranda warnings, Oregon’s implied consent law, and diversion programs. Our Central Oregon criminal attorneys can provide sound advice on the issues and inform you of the potential consequences associated with Oregon DUII law. In some cases, entry into Oregon’s diversion program may represent the best option. In other cases, diversion may be undersirable or may not be an option. Our criminal defense attorneys can assist in analyzing these issues.

If you need assistance from a criminal attorney in Central Oregon, contact the criminal defense attorneys at Schmid Malone Buchanan to schedule a consultation.